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Celebrating 20 years of OCEG.

Our Story

A few highlights:

20 years ago, OCEG was just an idea (on the back of a literal napkin!) to solve the $1 Trillion problem of organizational misconduct.

Today, we have over 120,000 members who lead the industry and their organizations with our ideas, resources, training, and certification.

The whole board should consider joining an organization like OCEG

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  • I've been to countless seminars, have achieved several certifications, but only Project: Risk Leader has helped me understand myself and develop my people skills. Those skills are just as important as my GRC knowledge.
    Gustiono K.
  • This was an awakening for me. I was speaking the wrong language. I was talking about risk and everyone else was talking about growth. Now I know how to connect the two. What a difference!
    Karen C.
  • I never thought of my role as being a sales role. OCEG helped me see that, then they gave me the tools to build and sell the business case for risk.
    Nicandro L.