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Trusted by 150,000+ professional members in governance, strategy, risk, compliance, security and audit worldwide
  • I've been to countless seminars, have achieved several certifications, but only OCEG has helped me understand myself and develop my people skills. Those skills are just as important as my GRC knowledge.
    Gustiono K.
  • This was an awakening for me. I was speaking the wrong language. I was talking about risk and everyone else was talking about growth. Now I know how to connect the two. What a difference!
    Karen C.
  • I never thought of my role as being a sales role. OCEG gave me the tools to build and sell the business case for not only GRC, but also risk, compliance and assurance.
    Nicandro L.

Membership benefits

Accelerate your career growth.

With unlimited access to our all-in-one professional development platform, for only $499. ↓

Access everything you need to become a versatile GRC professional.

What makes OCEG different, is how we give you the tools to integrate skills across critical disciplines, helping you become a well-rounded, versatile professional.

  • Get educated and certified by the organization that created GRC
  • Develop a high-level, versatile skillset
  • Build a skillset that spans multiple disciplines
  • Increase the value you offer your employer
  • Access industry-leading standards, education, and certifications
  • Only OCEG provides authoritative certifications that span all of the critical disciplines (governance, strategy, risk, compliance, audit, and security)
Certification has not only equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) principles but has also provided me with practical tools to navigate the complex landscape of risk management.
Tommy H, Director

Certifications that help you advance your career

Access our continually expanding suite of professional development courses and certification exams.

  • Gain certification across all of the critical disciplines
  • Become more versatile and valuable to your organization
  • Understand and solve complex interdisciplinary challenges
I am confident that possessing the GRCP certification will not only enhance my own career prospects but also benefit our organization.
Abdulrahn A., CEO

Automated and unified continuing education to keep you sharp!

Maintaining ALL of your certifications is simple and straightforward. We use a unified continuing professional education (CPE) program for all of our certifications.

  • Automatic tracking of CPE events and recordings
  • Continuing education experiences count toward multiple certifications
  • Keep all certifications current and active with less admin

How it works

What does membership offer?

Accelerate your career growth with unlimited access to our all-in-one platform, for only $499. ↓

01 Open source standards

Rooted in decades of member experience, and rigorously verified by experts, our Standards provide a toolkit of frameworks, models and methods to help you improve your GRC capabilities.

  • Tools to help plan, assess, and improve GRC capabilities
  • Everything you need to assess or audit GRC Capabilities
  • Detailed guides on specific areas including policy management and data privacy
  • Also includes a unified GRC glossary covering all disciplines and domains
  • Available in multiple translations

02 Educational resources

Our members have access to our ever-growing premium resource library featuring over 1000 resources, illustrations, lessons, and webinars to further your career.

  • Skill up across the the Critical Six Disciplines
  • Over 1000+ resources
  • Videos, playbooks, illustrations, eBooks, research and more
  • Easy to search and find what's relevant to you
  • Covering a broad range of topics

03 Certification suite

Our certifications cover all areas within GRC and offer a clear pathway to career progression. Begin with a focus on your primary domain, then skill up in the other disciplines to become an all-around GRC leader.

  • 5 industry-leading certifications (more added every year)
  • Early access to new certifications as they are released
  • All certification prep materials, books, courses, and exams
  • Automatic certification renewals
  • Exam certification & unlimited retakes

And much, much more!

All inclusive membership

All certifications. One simple price.

Other certification programs charge separately for preparation materials, certification, and maintenance. With OCEG, everything you need is included for one simple price. ↓

OCEG Certification Suite

Other Certification Programs

Separate charges for preparation materials, certification, and maintenance

  • 1 certification
  • Prep materials and course ($800)
  • Exam ($450)
  • Retake fee ($200)
  • Pay per CPE ($99 / per CPE)
  • Certification maintenance ($200)

OCEG Professional Membership

Everything you need to prepare, pass, and maintain in one simple annual price

  • 5 certifications (more added every year)
  • Unlimited prep materials & courses
  • All certification exams
  • Up to 5 retakes without fee
  • Exclusive webinars, recordings & videos
  • Automatically tracked CPEs

*Average cost of other certification programs

Drive Integration & Versatility

GRC is a team game.

GRC isn't about a single discipline, profession or role. After decades of research, our members have defined the best ways to help people like you work together to master the art and science of producing and preserving value.

We're building the world's most comprehensive portfolio of certifications and resources designed to drive integration and versatility for GRC professionals. By integrating the very best ideas from multiple disciplines, you become a more versatile and valuable professional with a clear path for career progression.

  1. Governance and Oversight

    Cultivate an organization with clear lines of accountability, decision-making authority, and allocation of responsibility to achieve mission and vision.

    Associated Qualification: IGOP

  2. Strategy and Performance

    Set objectives and align strategies, tactics, and measurable key results to make progress toward your mission, realize your vision, and demonstrate your values.

    Associated Qualification: ISPP

  3. Risk and Decisions

    Address uncertainty and make better decisions at all levels of the organization by identifying, analyzing, and addressing objectives, opportunities, obstacles, and obligations.

    Associated Qualification: IRDP

  4. Compliance and Ethics

    Empower the organization to act with integrity by addressing obligations and operating within mandatory (legal) and voluntary (values) boundaries.

    Associated Qualification: ICEP

  5. Security and Continuity

    Prepare the organization for attacks and crisis so that physical and digital assets are robust, resilient, and become stronger under stress.

    Associated Qualification: ICEP

  6. Audit and Assurance

    Provide assurance to management, the board, and other stakeholders that the organization is achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty, and acting with integrity.

    Associated Qualification: IAAP

GRC Certifications


Over 98% of our members recommend certification as the fastest way to master GRC.

Our certifications help build strong protectors. Every certified professional is trained to understand complex challenges and tested on their ability to solve them.

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GRC Professionals


We have over 150,000 members on 6 continents in 180+ countries and 3,600+ cities.

Our membership is a grass-roots movement of professionals who discovered that real solutions go beyond a single profession and require an interdisciplinary approach.

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Why we exist

How do you solve a $1T problem?

OCEG created GRC and the Principled Performance over 20 years ago in response to the $1T of value that is lost each year through corporate mistakes, misconduct and miscalculations.

Our aim has always been to help organizations and professionals strive for ethical excellence in today's world. GRC and Principled Performance provide a framework to achieve this by achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty, and acting with integrity.

As a global nonprofit organization and community, our focus is on informing and empowering our members. Today, we have over 150,000 members who lead the industry and their organizations supported by the ideas, resources, training, and certification they’ve received through OCEG membership.

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