Integrated Audit & Assurance Professional (IAAP)

The Integrated Audit & Assurance Professional (IAAP) certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skill to audit and provide assurance services to information producers and consumers.

This certification is currently under development. We actively seek members with an All Access Pass to beta test the essential body of knowledge, preparation course, and exam.

Beta testers give their time and feedback. Beta testers get free cohort learning with OCEG Founder, Scott Mitchell, early certification and reduced passing grade for the exam.

Please register for early access if you have time and interest to help!

What is the IAAP?

The Integrated Audit & Assurance Professional (IAAP) certification offers the most comprehensive, modern, and versatile certification program for audit and assurance.

The IAAP uniquely integrates the principles and practices from:

This diverse and interdisciplinary approach ensures that you have the skills to provide assurance services over many areas and activities.

  • We made this certification something that every professional can use. It is perfect for you whether you are a new member of the internal audit team or an experienced team member in some other department who wants to learn how to provide assurance.
    Scott Mitchell, Founder of OCEG

What does the IAAP cover?

The IAAP covers several areas, including:

How do I prepare for the IAAP?

The IAAP is based on the open-source Audit & Assurance Capability Model. This model is taught in our Audit & Assurance Fundamentals course and via our training partners.