OCEG provides a wide range of services to help your organization move forward on the path to Principled Performance.

Choose from the following GRC360º offerings or customize an approach to meet your needs for developing and launching a GRC strategy, team training and executive coaching.

GRC360º Strategy Lab Sessions

The Strategy Lab provides a unique physical and mental space at the OCEG offices in Arizona to help you design or refine your strategies for integration of governance, management and/or assurance of performance management, risk management and compliance. A strategy lab allows you to take your team offsite for a facilitated session with defined and detailed outcomes that you can take home and apply immediately. The scope can be as broad or specific as you need in a one to two day session. 

GRC360º Talk Track Development Workshop

Organizations with the strongest GRC Capability have a little something extra – leaders who are committed to building agile, resilient, confident and competitive businesses. And the most forward thinking of these leaders see that a well defined and integrated GRC Capability is a key to this success. Just like the best coaches of elite athletes, today’s leaders need to stay on top of the latest tools and techniques. Sure, you can still use spreadsheets in siloed operations, just like a gymnast or hockey player or yacht racing team could still use 1960′s equipment and training methods. But where does that get you? Not to the performance levels needed to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Just like athletes and their coaches, today’s leaders need to be ahead of the curve with the best team, techniques and resources to win.

But OCEG often gets asked, “how do we talk to our management teams and other influencers within our organizations about the competitive edge of an effective and mature GRC Capability?” In this workshop, we help you to develop the talk track that will resonate in your executive suite; determining the right language to evoke the emotional response and deep seated support that you need to to move forward with GRC capability improvement in your organization. By the end of the workshop, you will have a personalized slide deck that can be used in discussions with the management team, audit committee, or full board, and which can also be adapted for use with executives and staff in operations throughout the entity.

OCEG offers the Talk Track Development Workshop in two formats. First, you may arrange for an in-house 1-2 day program, where you bring your team to the table, and an OCEG executive works closely with your team to define and develop the right presentation and supporting materials for your organization. Alternatively, you may attend a 2-day small group multi-organization workshop at OCEG headquarters in Arizona and work both with peers and with the OCEG team individually to develop your personalized talk track and presentation.

GRC360º Team Training Day

For team training, OCEG comes to you. In an interactive workshop format, we provide the training your team needs to understand and apply GRC principles and gain the skills to develop or implement a GRC strategic plan or audit processes in the governance and management of performance, risk, and compliance. Team training is available for managers and staff in risk, audit, compliance, IT, internal control, and operations. Training may be proceeded by internal surveys and an online introductory session. Each training day is customized to meet your needs and may include CPE credit.

GRC360º Launch Workshop

An integrated GRC Capability is central to the achievement of Principled Performance. Taking a holistic approach to the governance, management, and assurance of performance, risk, and compliance will enable your organization to achieve its objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. This is what Principled Performance is all about. To assist you in getting your GRC projects off on the ground, OCEG offers a GRC Launch Workshop in a 2-day format that is customized for your organization. Bringing together an executive team, or a larger group of staff, from all of the key roles and departments essential to a true GRC capability, we facilitate your creation of a strategic plan, GRC charter, and outline of key development steps. Use the GRC Launch Workshop to build commitment and excitement that will help you to move forward.

GRC360º Online Team Events

Want to provide training or facilitate a team discussion about GRC, but you can’t bring everyone together in one place? Then use an OCEG online team event as a starting point. We will provide the platform and content for a customized session of 1 – 3 hours with the opportunity for CPE credit and an archive for future use.

GRC360º On Demand Education

Interested in detailed GRC training for your team, wherever they are, but you just can’t bring them together for a multi-day meeting? Then consider arranging a package of access passes for our on-demand GRC Fundamentals course. Not only will your team develop a consistent understanding of Principled Performance and the GRC Capability Model, but they will also be prepared to gain the GRC Professional certification offered by OCEG affiliate GRC Certify (

GRC360º Customized Polling and Research

Have some questions about how others are addressing a particular issue? Want to engage in benchmarking with peers? OCEG can provide quick answers through our One Minute Polls and deeper analysis through both anonymous and shared benchmarking surveys. One-minute polls of 3 to 5 quick questions provide a snapshot of information from hundreds of OCEG members almost immediately. Just let us know what you want to ask. Longer surveys or specific peer-to-peer benchmarking may also be arranged.

GRC360º Custom Illustrations

Take advantage of OCEG’s acclaimed GRC Illustrated Series to cost-effectively create custom illustrations for use within your own organization. Show your employees how your anti-corruption program works or how your policy management system is designed through attractive visual explanations that everyone understands. Create illustrations that you can use in board meetings, staff training, and more. Then use them as handouts, large-scale posters, and online tools.

GRC360º Custom Events

Interested in a custom event about GRC and Principled Performance? Use our proprietary EventDay™ and ActiveLearning™ Methods to deliver an unforgettable and enriching learning experience!


OCEG Executives work with member companies and apply lean process improvement methods to GRC activities. The “lean” approach focuses on eliminating non-value-added activities from any process. In doing so, a process becomes more effective, more efficient, and more responsive to a changing environment. The LeanGRC® services include specialized strategy lab and advisory offerings.