About OCEG

Industry leading GRC training and certification.

We created GRC to help every organization and every person achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. This approach to business, and to life, is what we call Principled Performance.

For over 20 years, we've set the standards for GRC and the associated critical disciplines that comprise GRC.

Our Values

A philosophy shaped by diverse experience.

Our philosophy and values stem from experience as Fortune 50 executives, auditors, lawyers, IT professionals, research analysts and startup entrepreneurs.

We use this diverse experience to shape what we do and how we do it.

  1. Open

    Allow anyone to join and participate, for free. Make most of our resources openly available, for free. Allow other organizations to build on our resources, for free.

  2. Diverse

    The community is strongest when it comprises many professions (auditors, compliance managers, lawyers, risk officers, business operators), industries, sizes, geographies and cultures.

  3. Leader and Listener

    At times, we must lead the community in our mutual journey. At other times, we must listen and be led by the community.

  4. Passionate

    Our passion for Principled Performance, GRC and all of our themes is evident in the way that we take firm positions in the community.

  5. Inventive

    Documenting current best practices ensures that companies can reach parity. Inventing and experimenting with new practices pushes us forward.

  6. Lean

    Perfect can be the enemy of the good. We err on the side of capturing real world feedback early and often.

Our History

20 years and we’re just getting started.

20 years ago OCEG was just an idea on a literal "back of a napkin" that aimed to solve the $1 Trillion problem of organizational misconduct, mistakes and miscalculations.

Today, we have over 120,000 members who lead the industry and their organizations with our ideas, resources, training, and certification.

Our history.

Check out key milestones and highlights throughout our history ... and join us to make history today!

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20 years and we're just getting started.

The whole board should consider joining an organization like OCEG

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  • I've been to countless seminars, have achieved several certifications, but only Project: Risk Leader has helped me understand myself and develop my people skills. Those skills are just as important as my GRC knowledge.
    Gustiono K.
  • This was an awakening for me. I was speaking the wrong language. I was talking about risk and everyone else was talking about growth. Now I know how to connect the two. What a difference!
    Karen C.
  • I never thought of my role as being a sales role. OCEG helped me see that, then they gave me the tools to build and sell the business case for risk.
    Nicandro L.