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Move From Disconnection to Connection

GRC Connects and Protects.

The world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). And despite all of the innovation intended to connect us, we've never been so disconnected.

GRC Professionals are the ones charged with looking before we leap, carefully thinking through issues, finding and fixing problems and generally being the source of Stability in our organizations.

Some call us Protectors because of the work we do in departments such as the board, executive teams, strategy, risk, compliance, quality, human resources, internal controls, information security and audit.

OCEG created Principled Performance and GRC to help Protectors improve their organization by moving from disconnected departments, people, purpose, and skills to a more connected workplace, with integrated capabilities, interconnected relationships, interlinked shared values, and interdisciplinary skills.

We help disconnected departments become connected groups

With Principled Performance® and GRC, your teams evolve from disconnected departments and silos to teams with integrated capabilities by using the GRC Capability Model.

Our certifications and training transforms disconnected individuals into connected teams

Too often, people operate in their own little bubbles, more lonely and more disconnected from each other than ever before.

With Principled Performance® and GRC, they'll learn how to form interconnected relationships with their colleagues and collaborate better. They'll learn how to become an Interconnected Coworker.

With OCEG training, a disconnected purpose becomes a connected goal

Individuals may not be connected to the shared, core values of an organization or its customers, and may be drifting off on their own.

With OCEG training, they are taught how to improve themselves with more interlinked, shared values with the organization and customers. They will learn to have an Intentional Culture.

GRC leaders develop disconnected skillsets into connected skillsets

People generally focus on one skill set — they have one hammer and everything looks like a nail.

Here at OCEG, we encourage people to be interdisciplinary and to approach their work from multiple perspectives ... and to be a more versatile executive with the Protector Skillset.

Certifications Elevate Your Career

Certifications help you advance your career.

GRC Certifications


Over 98% of our members recommend certification as the fastest way to master GRC.

Our certifications help build strong protectors. Every certified professional is trained to understand complex challenges and tested on their ability to solve them.

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GRC Professionals


We have over 120,000 members on 6 continents in 180+ countries and 3,600+ cities.

Our membership is a grass-roots movement of professionals who discovered that real solutions go beyond a single profession and require an interdisciplinary approach.

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Drive Integration & Versatility

GRC is a team game.

Our colleagues call us Protectors because of the work we do across the Critical Disciplines.

By integrating the very best ideas from multiple disciplines, you become a more versatile and valuable professional who is on a fast track career.

  1. Governance and Oversight

    Cultivate an organization with clear lines of accountability, decision-making authority, and allocation of responsibility to achieve mission and vision.

  2. Strategy and Performance

    Set objectives and align strategies, tactics, and measurable key results to make progress toward your mission, realize your vision, and demonstrate your values.

  3. Risk and Decisions

    Address uncertainty and make better decisions at all levels of the organization by identifying, analyzing, and addressing objectives, opportunities, obstacles, and obligations.

  4. Compliance and Ethics

    Empower the organization to act with integrity by addressing obligations and operating within mandatory (legal) and voluntary (values) boundaries.

  5. Security and Continuity

    Prepare the organization for attacks and crisis so that physical and digital assets are robust, resilient, and become stronger under stress.

  6. Audit and Assurance

    Provide assurance to management, the board, and other stakeholders that the organization is achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty, and acting with integrity.

GRC Professionals & Leaders

Skill up and across. Become a versatile leader.

Enhance your skillset and versatility across all of the critical disciplines of governance, risk, compliance, strategy, security and audit.

Whether you’re a team leader or individual contributor OCEG's approach empowers every GRC professional to show up with a Protector Skillset™ and a Protector Mindset™.

GRC professionals are strong protectors who pioneer reliability, certainty and integrity throughout the organization. Becoming a versatile and well-rounded leader enables you to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.

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We empower GRC professionals.

OCEG created GRC and Principled Performance and is the only organization that certifies professionals across all of the Critical Disciplines that comprise GRC.

OCEG certifications span all disciplines, and empower you to educate and lead your organization across every horizontal and vertical GRC function.

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  • I've been to countless seminars, have achieved several certifications, but only OCEG has helped me understand myself and develop my people skills. Those skills are just as important as my GRC knowledge.
    Gustiono K.
  • This was an awakening for me. I was speaking the wrong language. I was talking about risk and everyone else was talking about growth. Now I know how to connect the two. What a difference!
    Karen C.
  • I never thought of my role as being a sales role. OCEG gave me the tools to build and sell the business case for not only GRC, but also risk, compliance and assurance.
    Nicandro L.

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