Advanced License Permissions

All content on is the property of OCEG. We make it available online and in print under copyright whereby we reserve all rights.

There is some content, particularly a few of our open-source standards, frameworks, models, and methods, which we provide under a “copyleft” agreement. If a copyleft license is not clearly indicated on an item, then our standard copyright applies.

This is an example of our copyleft licence.

Illustrative Copyleft License. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Again, consult each item for its specific copyleft license to ensure you are using our intellectual property appropriately.

Commercial Use

We understand that some organizations are not able to use open-source content and code in their products and/or projects. As such, we offer other licenses that may allow you to include this content in your project/product.

We get requests from time to time about using OCEG text, graphics, and illustrations (OCEG Content) in presentations or other commercial products.

Any and all commercial use of OCEG Content must be approved in advance and a commercial use contract must be executed.

Licensed use of OCEG Content begins at $10,000 per use.

Contact us at for details.

General Attribution

When attributing work to OCEG:

  • Include in the site-wide or document-wide notice the text “Includes material copied from or derived from OCEG at” (include a hyperlink where possible); and
  • For each specific use, include the text “Includes material copied from or derived from [title and URL and hyperlink (where possible) of the OCEG page or document].”