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5 users @ $1,750

10 users @ $3,400

20 users @ $6,600

Further discounts available for larger bundles

Here's what the team bundle includes

  • A bundle of 5 or more All Access Passes
  • Larger bundles get greater discounts per person
  • Memberships are controlled by the company
  • Memberships many be reallocated if employees leave
  • Invoiced billing
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We have over 120,000 members on 6 continents in 180+ countries and 3,600+ cities.

“I’d encourage any employer with openings in compliance, risk, audit, and other GRC roles to look for the GRCP or GRCA on the resumes they review.” J. Kelly
“GRCP Certification gave me the ability to understand and communicate areas of GRC where I am not experienced.” L. Harrington
“GRCP helped me when I applied for a new job” S. Craig
“Having the ability and vision to interlink the governance, risk and compliance roles all together to achieve any organization's objectives, is just brilliant!” B. Al Eche
“If you desire to showcase true Principled Performance that utilizes and integrates GRC principles and processes, this is for you!” S. White
“I already hold several other credentials from renown institutes, yet I feel that the GRCP has given me an edge over peers.” R. El Khatib

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