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Our Premium GRC resources are the perfect companion to your existing compliance, risk management, internal audit or cybersecurity library.

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Our GRC Professional (GRCP) certification and GRC Audit (GRCA) certifications lift your skills, reputation and career.

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  • Access to hundreds of premium online resources
  • All preparation materials you need to get GRC certified
  • An online GRC certification exam (and unlimited retakes)
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10 Reasons To Get An All Access Pass Today

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    Go even further, advance faster, and stand out from the crowd with GRC Professional and GRC Audit Certification (both included with your All Access Pass).

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    Learn from other GRC professionals in your industry and field (and know where you and your organization rank). Current and historical survey and benchmark data are at your fingertips to help you build your GRC business case.

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    Have the answers before you get asked the questions with research, resources and best practices on topics like anti-money launderings, anti-corruption, investigations, third party management, risk assessment and more.

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    Silos don’t work. Build a holistic view of your situation so you can make decisions with confidence. Get strategic guidance from GRC case studies and executive interviews.

  5. 05

    Plan, assess, and evaluate your GRC capabilities using the only GRC model independent of specific professions or software tools: the OCEG GRC Capability Model.

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    Stay informed even while you’re under the gun and putting out fires. Access GRC tools, standards, webinars, and illustrations that show you big picture (and specific) solutions you need in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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    For less than the cost of a single industry association conference ticket, you get access to all of OCEG’s GRC resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an entire year! And every month we offer new webinars (you can get CPE credit for), articles, illustrations, and more.

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    You already have great team members - get everyone aligned and create a competitive advantage for your organization with All Access Pass Team Bundles.

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    Fraud, embezzlement, security breaches, and compliance violations – these scandals don’t just hurt the perpetrator and company executives — we’ve all seen it take down world economies. We need everyone to be on guard and do their part. OCEG helps you be informed, be empowered and become an expert at identifying and solving GRC challenges.

  10. 10

    You’ve heard the quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” (Edmund Burke). But Burke also said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” No matter where you are in your organization, or what your level of influence, you can make a difference. OCEG is here to help you.

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We have over 120,000 members on 6 continents in 180+ countries and 3,600+ cities.

“I’d encourage any employer with openings in compliance, risk, audit, and other GRC roles to look for the GRCP or GRCA on the resumes they review.” J. Kelly
“GRCP Certification gave me the ability to understand and communicate areas of GRC where I am not experienced.” L. Harrington
“GRCP helped me when I applied for a new job” S. Craig
“Having the ability and vision to interlink the governance, risk and compliance roles all together to achieve any organization's objectives, is just brilliant!” B. Al Eche
“If you desire to showcase true Principled Performance that utilizes and integrates GRC principles and processes, this is for you!” S. White
“I already hold several other credentials from renown institutes, yet I feel that the GRCP has given me an edge over peers.” R. El Khatib

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