GRC Professional (GRCP) Military Cohort Information Session

Scott is the Founder of OCEG, global nonprofit that created GRC and Principled Performance. OCEG provides authoritative resources, education and certifications for GRC Professionals.

Director, OCEG GRC Cert & Accreditation | PhD, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Veteran & Milspouse

February 23 from 17:00 to 18:00

(GMT | Greenwich Mean Time)

Attending this event counts towards your CPE credits.

Join Scott Mitchell, Founder of OCEG and Destinee Prete, PhD, Director of Certification & Accreditation (and US Army Veteran) for an informational session about how your military experiences, training and mindset are the perfect trifecta for GRC roles - AND get access to an exclusive learning cohort for military professionals transitioning to the private sector.

Join us as Scott and Dr. Prete discuss how your military experiences, training, and mindset are the perfect trifecta for GRC roles.

OCEG is offering an exclusive 2023 cohort training that will equip you with the knowledge to start a career in GRC. The cohort prepares you to take the GRCP Exam and earn your GRCP Certification.

Perfect Fit for GRC

In your career, you'll implement interdisciplinary GRC principles using Principled Performance in your current settings and in your future workforce settings.

OCEG acknowledges and recognizes the parallels between the skills, abilities, and attributes of your military service experiences and the Protector Mindset Skills sought after in GRC roles.

You have unique experiences, unlike any civilian could imagine, which will allow you to cultivate a level of expertise that can be leveraged in the civilian workforce in various GRC roles. Your skills are in demand in today's GRC environment!

What is GRC?

GRC stands for Governance, Risk, and Compliance and is a growing need within organizations of all shapes and sizes.

The mission of GRC is to produce and preserve value for companies by managing risk, meeting compliance, and aligning IT with business objectives. GRC practitioners are versatile professionals who use six GRC disciplines: governance, risk, audit, compliance, ethics, and IT.

Did you know?

Risks presented by climate change, economic turbulence, ransomware attacks, and a heightened regulatory environment are just a few of the situational threats facing companies today. To meet these challenges, the GRC industry has adopted a protector mindset vs. the reactive, siloed stance of yesterday. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are seeking disciplined professionals with ingrained leadership skills, and the ability to make and support fast decisions, eliminate siloes, and collaborate across many departments.

What about your military experiences and training?

OCEG makes it easy to apply the experience and training detailed in your Joint Service Transcript (JST) and Verification of Military Education and Training (VMET). And we accept the annual risk management training you’ve earned as eligibility for GCRP and annual recertification requirements. The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) you have gained through your military experience can be translated into GRC roles and careers.

OCEG is working to create a military-connected GRCP community that will allow for the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, as well as informational tidbits including how to leverage your KSAs on resumes tailored to GRC roles. This special GRC Professional (GRCP) Military cohort is an exclusive benefit for our members who serve or previously served in the military. We are so excited to start building a community of support for our military-connected professionals!

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