How to get a GRC Certification

The easiest and fastest way to get a GRC certification to enhance your career in GRC or any of the critical disciplines.

Here are 7 simple steps to get and maintain a GRC certification

  1. 1. Join

    Our All Access Pass provides everything you need to prepare for and pass all of our certifications. One fee for education, preparation, certification, and maintenance.

    Everything included for no additional fees.

  2. 2. Select

    Select one of our certifications to begin. Many professionals choose the GRCP as a great starting point for a new career or to enhance or capstone an existing career.

    GRCP is perfect for anyone who works in governance, strategy, performance, risk, compliance, ethics, internal control, security, continuity, audit, assurance, and IT. GRCP helps to integrate what you do with the other departments and disciplines – and it helps to integrate what you do with business operations. .

    All of our certifications are included for no additional fees.

  3. 3. Prepare

    All certifications are based on an essential body of knowledge that includes free and open-source standards. You can prepare for your certification via self-study of the essential body of knowledge an by using one of our training options.

    For each certification, we include an online self-study option (included in the All Access Pass) as well as in person training courses delivered by one of our authorized partners (for additional fee).

    All online materials and training are included for no additional fees.

  4. 4. Apply

    Our certifications are open and accessible to all professionals. We accept candidates from diverse cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds. We do not require specific experience or educational degrees.

    You may apply for all exams for no additional fees.

  5. 5. Earn (Pass the Exam!)

    Access the online exam anywhere and anytime. You are able to retake an exam up to six times per year to pass it. Exams are "open book," which means that you may use Google and other resources while taking an exam. All exams have a time limit.

    All retakes included for no additional fees.

  6. 6. Maintain

    Participate in the streamlined Unified Certification Maintenance program to maintain your certification. All continuing education is automatically tracked and administered under this unified program. Whenever you watch a video or attend an event on our website, it is automatically tracked and counted toward your certifications as appropriate.

    DOUBLE CREDIT! One CPE credit may track to multiple certifications. For example, a course on “Risk Assessments” counts toward all certifications that use Risk Assessment skills.

    All maintenance and CPEs are included for no additional fees.

  7. 7. BONUS! Add More Certifications

    You may apply to gain additional certifications. We add new certifications regularly and are open to any suggestions via

    All certifications included for no additional fees.