Become a GRC leader.

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Start with any of the critical disciplines, get certified, then skill up on the others to become versatile, well-rounded GRC leader.

  • Security & Continuity
  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Strategy & Performance
  • Risk & Decisions
  • Governance & Oversight
  • Audit & Assurance

Leaders are versatile and well-rounded

What are the Critical Disciplines?

GRC is an interdisciplinary endeavor that requires a diverse set of skills in your organization and on your team. Each critical discipline has areas where it excels and areas where it can learn from other disciplines.

To be a GRC Leader, you must master all of the disciplines so that you can make the call when and where to leverage different departments, roles, and skills in the organization.

The critical disciplines all in circles, feeding into a stick figure’s head, which features each of the spot colors as a cluster of smaller circles

Being a GRC leader means that you understand all of the disciplines, all of the departments, and all of the people who play a role in GRC.

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