GRC Certifications

OCEG GRC Certifications validate your knowledge of GRC capabilities, and showcase your expertise in planning, assessing, and improving GRC to achieve Principled Performance. Increase your credibility, satisfy your drive to be the best, and become the hero in your organization. Both GRC Professional and GRC Audit Certifications are available with an All Access Pass — get started today!

Get Your Whole Team GRC Certified

Invest in your people, increase their esteem, and get everyone working together to achieve your GRC goals — with team GRC Certifications. Standardize and increase efficiency with common terminology, strategies, and tactics that declare to your entire organization that integrated GRC and Principled Performance are the foundation of your competitive success. Invest in an OCEG Bundle Membership and team certification today.

GRC Professional Certification

GRCP - GRC Professional

Showcase your understand and application of the core principles and practices of GRC

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GRC Audit Certification

GRCA - GRC Audit

Demonstrate your ability to assess, evaluate, and audit the performance of GRC activities and controls

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