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OCEG is a global nonprofit think tank and community. Together, we help organizations achieve Principled Performance by integrating governance, assurance and management of performance, risk, compliance and ethics (GRC)

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Wall Street Journal Picture
The whole board should consider joining an organization like OCEG.
The Wall Street Journal, By the Books
John Steer Headshot
This is the only publicly vetted framework that sets out clear, concise and complete practices for an effective approach to compliance, and I know it can help any company reduce risk and run better.
John Steer, former vice-chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission
Gracie Renbarger Headshot
We are proud to call ourselves an OCEG company, and Dell is building our global compliance program around OCEG resources. We encourage other companies to do the same.
Gracie Renbarger, Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Dell.

And These Fine Folks

Scott Roney Headshot
Red Book provides a blueprint for better integration and strategic alignment of compliance, governance, and risk management practices.
Scott Roney, Former Chieft Compliance and Ethics Officer, Archer Daniels Midland Company
Larry Harrington Headshot
Until OCEG issued the Red Book, it was virtually impossible to undertake an efficient assessment of compliance programs or approaches to risk management. Now, we have a real framework against which we can measure the appropriateness of a program’s design and its operation. Investors, insurers and other stakeholders should insist that companies use OCEG.”
Larry Harrington, VP, Internal Audit for Raytheon