Head Banging

There Has To Be a Better Way…

Many years ago, I read a great article in which the author drew an analogy between the way that litigators often over-revise briefs until seconds before they must be filed (in a frenzied and stressful way) and something he had observed when working with rats in a research lab.

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Standing And Fallen Chess King And Pawn

Principled Performance: A Strategic Approach to Controlling Conduct Risk

In a 2005 interview in the Harvard Business Review, the world chess champion Gary Kasparov was quoted as saying: Think about it: After just three opening moves by a chess player, more than 9 million positions are possible. And that’s when only two players are involved in the game. Now imagine all the possibilities faced by companies with a whole host of corporations responding to their new strategies, pricing, and products. The unpredictability is almost unimaginable.

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