Is The OCEG Red Book Key To DOJ Compliance Counsel Success?

There are many factors to consider in decisions to prosecute business entities. In particular: the existence and effectiveness of any pre-existing compliance program, and any subsequent remedial compliance measures. A new Department of Justice (DOJ) full-time compliance counsel is in place to provide expert guidance to the prosecutors in the Fraud Section. A positive step. Can GRC Professionals significantly impact the discussion and policy of DOJ and compliance programs?

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May the Force be With You on the Path to Principled Performance

Two important and, for some, potentially life changing events took place this month – the release of the new Star Wars movie and New York Governor Cuomo’s announcement of a proposed anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism rule that would impose personal criminal penalties on chief compliance officers who falsely or incorrectly certify that their institution’s Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Program complies with all the requirements” of the rule. So what do they have in common? It just might be the need for “the Force.”

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Anti-Corruption in Third Party Management

Anti-Corruption in Third Party Relationships

Huge anti-corruption fines. A focus on corporate conduct. Globalization. Each of these trends has put a lot of pressure on third party management programs. In the OCEG Tech Talk, “Anti-Corruption and Technology,” Ken Kurtz, Dennis Haist, and Tony Charles from STEELE CIS share insight and advice on managing anti-corruption in third party relationships.

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