Our Vision

Principled Performance Around the World

We see a world where every organization and every person strives to achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. This approach to business, and to life, is what we call Principled Performance.

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Necessity is the mother of invention

OCEG invented Principled Performance and GRC out of necessity to address dire circumstances.

The Problem

At the turn of the century, scandals rocked the global economy and evaporated millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth. It turned out that systems designed to address governance, risk and compliance in these organizations were siloed, misguided, and ineffective. More troubling was that this siloed approach was typical -- and that the seeds future scandals were continuing to grow in this deficient current state.

The Solution

We invented the ideas of Principled Performance and GRC to solve this problem; to break down silos between governance, strategy, performance management, risk management, compliance management, internal audit and other departments; to create a future state that was more effective, more efficient and able to address modern challenges.

Putting Principles into Practice

Big ideas are necessary, but not enough.

Behind the big ideas of Principled Performance and GRC, we have hundreds of practical standards, content and most importantly certification to upgrade your skills.