Policy Management (eBook)

Policy management at the modern global company can be overwhelming and, for all the talk about effective policy management techniques, sometimes it helps to step back and visualize the bigger picture—literally. Hence we welcome you to our “Policy Management” publication.

This e-Book is a compendium of articles OCEG published jointly with Compliance Week.

Here you will find all those articles, plus the roundtable discussions OCEG has run about policy management with chief compliance officers and other compliance thinkers, plus OCEG’s famed illustrations: double-page spreads you can print out, stare at, and contemplate as you structure your own policy management program.

The articles address all the fundamentals of compliance programs:

  • Tracking regulatory or business changes that might affect policy; 
  • Communicating new policies; 
  • Catching and approving new policies at a central level; 
  • Enforcing policies you have; and
  • Measuring whether all these policies actually, you know, work. 

Each article also has an accompanying illustration. We know the images are somewhat abstract, and have a  certain flowchart appeal to them. That’s intentional. Successful policy management consists of several basic principles that can apply to all, and myriad small details that apply to your business alone. The illustrations capture those basic principles;the articles provide context; the details we leave to you, since only you know what compliance program will work best at your business. We hope you find our policy management e-Book useful as you continue to develop and implement various policy programs around the world.

The cliché is that a picture speaks 1,000 words. Considering the huge and diverse audiences a chief compliance officer must reach these days, and the complex subject matter, visualization can only help.