Condensed GRC Capability Model v3.0


This document is a condensed version of the GRC Capability Model v3.0 (Condensed OCEG Red Book).

This version contains the Elements and high level Practices of the Model. It does not contain the Narrative Introduction to Principled Performance and GRC, nor does it contain the Appendices that provide the details for each Practice (sub-practices) and suggested Documentation to be developed when applying the Model. These important parts of the Model are provided in the full GRC Capability Model (OCEG Red Book) which is available below. Use the full Model if you are implementing GRC practices in your organization. You may also use the GRC Assessment Tools below to evaluate your GRC capabilities.

You will find this condensed version of the Model useful to gain a quick understanding of its structure and content. This version of the Model also is mapped in the UCF Common Controls Hub and may be accessed by users of the UCF.