Workiva (NYSE:WK) delivers Wdesk, an intuitive cloud platform that modernizes how people work within thousands of organizations, including over 70 percent of the 500 largest U.S. corporations by total revenue. Wdesk is built upon a data management engine, offering controlled collaboration, data integration, granular permissions, and a full audit trail. Wdesk helps mitigate risk, improves productivity, and gives users confidence in their data-driven decisions. For more information, visit


Wdesk is a cloud-based product platform that brings ease and control to compliance, management, risk, and sustainability reporting. Learn more in this video.


Prepare your financial reports with control, flexibility, and accuracy. With Wdesk, linking numbers throughout your report will save you time and relieve the pressure of risking a costly mistake. Your complex reports will be efficient, secure, and organized. And with instant EDGARization and XBRL professional services, you'll get just the right amount of reporting help you need to shave days off your timeline. Watch this video to see how Wdesk can help you reduce the time, risks, and costs associated with the SEC reporting process.


Wdesk provides a risk reporting framework encompassing data management, KRI reporting, risk appetite, and regulatory reporting compliance. With Wdesk, reporting teams can maximize their collaboration and response to federal and state mandates while reducing the time spent on low-value activities. See how your team can work with real-time information, streamline the revision process, and link data back to a single source in all risk reports in this video.


Wdesk enables collaboration between all users making contributions to internal controls and SOX documentation—including process owners, control owners, and auditors. Text and numbers are linked, so information is always consistent across risk control matrices, narratives, flowcharts, and other documents. Create, maintain, and publish dynamic real-time reports with data that can automatically feed into your executive presentations. Watch this video to see how Wdesk for SOX can eliminate version controls issues, give you confidence in the accuracy of your documentation, and automate the certification process.