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SAI Global provides organizations around the world with information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving business improvement.

We provide aggregated access services to Standards, Handbooks, Legislative and Property publications; we audit, certify and register your product, system or supply chain; we facilitate good governance and awareness of compliance, ethics and policy issues and provide training and improvement solutions to help individuals and organizations succeed.

Welcome to the SAI Global GRC Community

Where compliance, legal, ethics, risk and audit professionals access resources, connect with peers, share ideas and gain insight towards building and achieving organizational integrity. Learn more in this 3-minute video intro...

How People Make Ethical Decisions

An SAI Global GRC Expert Commentary: Rush provides guidance on how organizations can teach ethics that's "beyond compliance".

A Systematic Approach to Third Party Due Diligence

An SAI Global GRC Expert Commentary: Under the UK Bribery Act, a business is responsible for actions taken not only by employees but also by all 'associated parties'. Third party relationships must be properly managed to comply. Paul Rew covers key questions a business should ask regarding their third party relationships and what third party due diligence really entails.