Riskonnect, Inc. is the provider of the premier, enterprise-class technology platform for all organizations that manage risks.  As an independent innovator in risk management technology, Riskonnect develops and markets a growing suite of technology solutions on a world-class cloud computing model, helping clients elevate their risk management programs, safety solutions and programs for management of risks across the enterprise.  Through Riskonnect GRC, which includes but not limited to management of corporate governance, enterprise risk, compliance management, internal audit and controls, business continuity, enterprise policy, and vendor risk, along with other Riskonnect products and applications, the company provides risk management professionals with the specific, configurable solutions needed to reduce losses, mitigate risks and enhance shareholder value. Riskonnect’s applications are built on a technology platform you can trust. A platform that is secure, reliable and fast. The platform powers more than 115,000 businesses running more than 4 million applications that 2.75 million users count on every day. The Riskonnect platform, its team of risk management technology and business executives, and its data services group, sets Riskonnect apart from all others. Experience Riskonnect GRC, RMIS, EHS and Healthcare in a whole new way. Go beyond with Riskonnect.