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  About LogicManager, Inc.   LogicManager is a leading provider of GRC solutions by virtue of its top-rated customer support and easy-to-use SaaS platform. LogicManager’s solutions have helped thousands of organizations Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today® with patent-pending Taxonomy technology and out-of-the-box content and templates. LogicManager’s ERM software and support enable businesses to connect traditional risk, governance and compliance activities to common root cause risks, and builds engagement through simple task wizards and advanced reporting and analytics tools. For more information about us, visit www.logicmanager.com.

An Annotated Guide to the FFIEC's Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can comply with the cybersecurity guidelines outlined by the FFIEC, and use their Cybersecurity Assessment Tool to achieve best practice results.

An Annotated Guide to SEC Cybersecurity

In this eBook, we’ll discuss best practices for implementing a risk-based process to comply with the cybersecurity guidelines outlined by the SEC.

How to Implement Risk-Based Compliance eBook

This eBook walks through best practices for compliance change management, as well as how to implement and maintain a risk-based approach at your organization.

How to Integrate Governance Areas eBook

In this eBook, we'll share how you can adopt a risk-based, taxonomy-centered approach to build a standardized governance structure and avoid unnecessarily duplicative, inefficient, and ineffective GRC processes.

About LogicManager

Learn how LogicManager's risk-based GRC solutions and services are helping thousands of organizations to Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today® with robust Taxonomy technology and a customer-centric approach.

LogicManager Case Study: Regulatory Challenges & ERM

Download our customer case study to learn how LogicManager's risk-based platform solves regulatory compliance challenges.

LogicManager Case Study: The Advantages of SaaS

Download our customer case study to learn why LogicManager’s Software-as-a-Service delivery model offers an ideal implementation process for large companies looking for a risk-based solution.

LogicManager Customer Success Video

Hear from the CRO, Managing Director of Finance, and ERM/GRC team members at First Marblehead Bank about how LogicManager has helped them to make measurable progress as an organization.