Datacert began with a simple goal: Move invoices electronically, and securely, between corporate legal departments and their law firms. Now, Datacert’s software help the world’s leading legal, compliance, risk and claims departments manage costs, improve efficiencies, and operate more strategically. Datacert’s suite of next generation applications are built on a cutting-edge technology platform called Passport®. With this evolution of technology, Datacert is poised to empower customers to streamline their processes with the ability to consolidate, collaborate, and drive business practices with added capabilities. Passport’s robust technology platform and industry-leading legal spend management, matter management, claims defense, and GRC applications enable enterprise organizations to mitigate risk, optimize efficiency, enhance collaboration, control costs, improve outcomes, and operate more strategically.

LegalTech New York 2014 - Interview with Jim Tallman, Datacert President and CEO

At LegalTech New York 2014, Jim Tallman, Datacert President and CEO, discussed the latest happenings at Datacert, current trends, and what's ahead for 2014.