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A Case Study in Going Beyond Three Lines of Defense to Create Stakeholder Value – Embedding Integrated Thinking at Exxaro

In many ways, South Africa leads the way in governance risk and compliance practices because of their advanced and progressive governance legislation.

Learn how Exxaro, a South African mining company, implemented a highly unique and innovative approach going well beyond the key principles of three lines of defense. Using a risk based approach Exxaro has embedded integrated thinking into the organization. Their approach to three lines of defense starts at the “coal face” and ends at the Board of Directors. They have operationalized their practices and employed technology to scale and sustain their initiative.

Attendees will learn:

  • The journey and path Exxaro took to develop their approach including pain points overcome
  • Best practices for success including technology, methodology and taxonomy
  • Exxaro’s plans for the future to leverage their success
  • How Exxaro’s executives and board use the strategic performance dashboard derived from their initiative to drive the business.



  • Saret van Loggerenberg, Manager Risk and Compliance, Exxaro Resources Limited
  • Michael Heckner, Senior Director, Center of Excellence for GRC solutions for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, SAP