Regulatory Monitoring and Intelligence

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

Regulatory compliance creates big risks: regulatory risk, reputational risk, and even personal risks. This is increasing the demand for regulatory intelligence. In the Tech Talk video interview “Regulatory Monitoring and Intelligence,” Andrew Neblett, SVP, Thomson Reuters, helps us understand the challenges and opportunities of regulatory intelligence in the 27 interview videos below.

For a brief summary of the interview, read the companion blog, “Regulatory Intelligence.”

If you’d prefer to view the interview in one continuous video, visit the Full Program here.

Andrew covers many topics including:

  • The layers of regulatory compliance (V01)
  • Exponential growth and increased volume, pace and complexity of regulatory compliance (V02)
  • Regulatory compliance jurisdiction conflict (V03)
  • Regulatory systems and the cost of regulatory compliance (V04, V05)
  • Senior Persons Regime and the personal implications of regulatory non-compliance (V05)
  • Regulatory compliance taxonomy (V07, V08, V16)
  • How to be ready for regulatory compliance (V07)
  • Regulatory compliance as a competitive advantage (V09, V10, V11)
  • Internal and external compliance triggers (V09)
  • Global trends in regulations (V11, V17)
  • Conduct risk (V12)
  • Principle-based versus rules-based regulations (V12, V13)
  • Compliance best practices (V13)
  • Regulatory compliance life cycle (V14)
  • Regulatory compliance fatigue (V14)
  • Technology and regulatory compliance (V15, V16, V24, V25, V26, V27)
  • Regulatory compliance for large versus small organizations (V18)
  • Regulatory compliance for the financial services industry (V19)
  • Stabilization in regulatory compliance (V20)
  • Benchmarking and analytics within regulatory compliance (V21)
  • Regulatory enforcement database (V22)
  • Being proactive with the board regarding regulatory compliance (V23)