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Auditing GRC on Demand

Auditing GRCTM on Demand is a three unit course that supplements GRC FundamentalsTM, and offers understanding of the unique aspects of auditing GRC capabilities. It is useful for both internal and external auditors, and also for those who oversee risk and compliance management efforts that will be subject to audit. Viewing of this course satisfies the additional education requirement for the GRC Auditor certification.

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Both internal audit and external audit firms are being asked, more and more frequently, to audit the GRC capability of an organization. Important questions are arising which auditors must be able to answer.
  • Are they capable of providing assurance on GRC capabilities? 
  • How far is too far before internal audit is no longer independent and objective?
  • What skills are necessary for an auditor to effectively audit GRC capabilities? 
  • Do they have those skills within their internal audit activity or do they require the use of outside specialists? 
  • Are there any standard audit procedures or best-practices and internal audit activity can use in auditing these activities?
The objective of this course is to provide the basic knowledge necessary to answer these questions and learn how to efficiently audit the GRC capability across the organization. This course also provides attendees with an understanding of how to report on GRC activities to management, the board, and external third-parties.

This course is suitable for managers of GRC functions subject to audit, as well as internal and external auditors.

Areas Covered Include:

  • An overview of GRC concepts
  • GRCA individual certification process
  • Principled Performance
  • Using the OCEG GRC Capability Framework and Assessment Tools 
  • How to use industry standards for consistent assurance engagements
  • Certifications, licenses and Industry standards- GRC assurance report writing
  • Internal versus third-party assurance- OCEG certified review process

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