GRCP Certification Preparation Material

The GRCP certification exam covers both awareness (definitions, terms, and lists) and proficiencies (application of concepts and knowledge) of the GRC Capability Model.

  • Basic terms and definitions
  • Principles of GRC
  • Core components, practices and activities
  • Relationship of GRC to other disciplines

Preparation Materials

The GRC Capability Model (Red Book)

The GRC Capability Model (called the "Red Book" because of the cover) provides a body of knowledge about GRC and helps professionals plan, assess, and improve their GRC capabilities. This book details 4 components and 20 elements of a high performing GRC Capability. It can be used to jump start your path to Principled Performance.

GRC Fundamentals Videos

GRC Fundamentals is a series of short online videos designed to help you understand and apply GRC capabilities and the specific practices of the Red Book. The videos cover each element of the Red Book and helps your prepare for a GRC Professional (GRCP) or other OCEG Certification.

GRCP Exam Sample Questions

Sample questions and answers for the GRC Professional (GRCP) exam. These samples come from questions in the live test databank. Therefore, some of these questions may end up on your exam.

In-Person Training Events

In-Person training is available in various locations on 6 continents. We also provide in-person training at your location. Some organizations use this approach to train and certify their entire team at once.

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