GRC Professional Online Exam

The OCEG All Access Pass includes the opportunity to take the GRC Professional certification exam.

  • No additional test fees
  • No re-take test fees or time delay
  • No travel costs (the certification exam is online)
  • No additional study material fees (access study materials online)

How did you develop the GRCP?

The GRCP topics and questions were determined by conducting an extensive job analysis of over 500 GRC Professionals in June 2010. Participants in the job analysis were asked to analyze over 200 skills and determine their significance to a GRC professional, executive or auditor. The job analysis and other research yielded a competency model that serves as a blueprint for the GRCP and GRCA.

Do I have to take the exam only once or is it done annually?

You are required to take the exam only once. However, if your subscription lapses you will be required to take it again to be reinstated.

How long does the GRCP exam take?

Generally the exam takes 2 hours.

What score do I need to pass the GRCP Exam?

You must correctly answer 70% of the 100 questions to pass the GRCP certification exam.

How difficult is the GRCP Exam?

Most people pass the exam on their first attempt if they studied and watched the GRC Fundamentals course. Those who fail tend to pass on their second attempt.

What topics are covered?

General Knowledge / Introduction — 15%

  • Understand key terms and definitions related to GRC
  • Understand key principles and business drivers behind GRC like Principled Performance
  • Understand the benefits of integrating GRC
  • Understand how GRC relates to other disciplines / professions
  • Introduction section of the Red Book

Components and Elements — 85%

  • Understand key management actions and controls
  • Understand design and implementation considerations
  • Learn – 20%, Align – 30%, Perform – 30%, Review – 5%

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