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GRC Resources: Illustrations

OCEG illustrations make it possible to visualize and communicate key GRC topics, capabilities, and technologies. Share them with your teams and stakeholders to get the conversation started about improving your GRC capabilities and achieving Principled Performance. Use the filter below to search illustrations by topic. Browse the OCEG archived webinars to find companion webinars on many of the illustrations listed here.



Support the Critical Role of Legal in GRC

Proactive Legal involvement in compliance, risk, and audit is key to effective GRC strategy and should be supported with integrated enterprise GRC technology. Processes and technology should be designed to enable tight cooperation between GRC and Legal staff and to facilitate the essential communication link that exists between the two. With this infrastructure in place, companies are better equipped to mitigate risk, proactively address their rapidly changing business environments, and achieve compliance.


How to Conduct Ethics and Compliance Investigations

Every organization should encourage employees and stakeholders to report compliance concerns and strive to ensure appropriate investigation of all reported issues.  Without compromising independence or objectivity, a well-designed Investigation system escalates significant matters for oversight, notifies appropriate leadership who have a legitimate ‘need to know’, and provides key feedback to business stakeholders to improve the organization’s operations.


Perform GRC Actions and Controls for Principled Performance

All organizations must address threats, opportunities and requirements by encouraging desired conduct and conditions and preventing what is undesired.  Organizations need to establish a mix of proactive, detective and responsive actions and controls, supported by strong analytics based on strategic objectives, risk appetite and capacity, and risk decision-making guidance established by leadership.


Align Your Business for Principled Performance

Leaders must align an organization’s objectives to its defined mission, vision and values but that is not enough to guarantee success. Objectives and strategies also must be based on consideration of the business environment within which the organization operates and the internal culture regarding governance, risk, workforce and ethical conduct. Management of risk and compliance must align to the objectives for performance. Start by establishing alignment so that you set, maintain and achieve appropriate goals while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. You’ll be one step closer to achieving Principled Performance.