New Year, New Pathway

As the end of January rapidly approaches, I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. Am I committed to them? Am I on the right path? Have I been achieving them? Did I actually give up on some of them too easily?

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Finding GRC

Pixar recently revealed a list of “Easter Eggs” for its films, which basically confirms that all of our favorite Pixar films such as Cars, Brave or Toy Story are connected and part of one big happy, movie family.

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How Do We Measure GRC?

A high-performing GRC system will always deliver value. Always. The value of a business activity or department directly relates to its contribution to business objectives. For that reason, focusing on measuring GRC activities themselves (risk assessment, policy management, training and communication, or control management, for example) isn’t sufficient. Rather, executives must place a special focus on the desired system outcomes that result from those activities.

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